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Within this sector, MACH provides valuation services including appraising the industrial facility, the business, and the property. An Industrial Property is an improved parcel of land used for the production or manufacture of durable (like cars and home appliances) and non-durable (like food and drinks) goods. Manufacturing and processing facilities, industrial condominiums, in addition to mining and quarrying operations are industries that fall within this sector.

An Industrial Property includes the lot or land on which the building(s) is situated and all accessory improvements added to the lot such as parking lots, labor accommodations and warehouses.

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MACH has prepared numerous valuations for my clients over the years. When I entrust MACH with my client’s valuation needs, they make a detailed process seamless and inform everyone of the step-by-step process business valuations require.”

Mohammad Ansari
Lawyer & Arbitrator

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